Jun 2, 2014

powder room reno:
the walls

i know: this is the slowest bathroom renovation EVER. fish has actually been working really hard on it, but since his real job claims 65-80 of his hours every week, there's just not much time left over for house projects.

the last time i talked about the powder room, i was fawning over the gooorgeous hex tile floor fish laid. next step: the walls!

the beadboard: we bought solid pine plank tongue and groove paneling on super-sale months and months ago. it was so long ago, in fact, fish had popped his collar to protect him from the bitter polar vortex cold.
i don't remember the price, but it was a ridiculously good deal. 

we stored the planks for a few months until the weather started warming up -- at which point we laid them all out in the driveway and i smoothed over the knotty holes with wood filler.

the paneling was 84" long and fish cut them in half. he used a combination of liquid nails and 18g nails to install the planks on our walls. 
it doesn't matter that the tops or bottoms aren't perfectly lined up. the bottom will be covered with baseboard and the top is hidden by chair rail.

next step: painting!

but first, i taped our precious hex-tiled floor. :)

i discussed before that i really wanted to use a crazy wallpaper in here, but fish talked some sense into me as we only plan on being in this house another few years. we'll save the pricy wallpaper for our forever home. instead, i decided to achieve drama with black paint.

here were the contenders, all benjamin moore:
black is black is black?

we ultimately decided on black iron:
two coats.

after i painted the walls, fish added lattice board along the top of the paneling, then nailed the chair rail on top of that.

we used semi-gloss behr ultra bright white (i.e. untinted) on the paneling -- we already had it from some project or another. I rolled the color on, then followed with my favorite wooster short cuts brush to get into all the grooves.
we did three coats for good measure.

one thing we had a difficult time with was the chair rail and the not-perfectly-square corners. we assumed the corners were all ninety degrees. oops. one corner is particularly terrible up close:

...but not completely noticeable from a distance:
...ignore wet paint smudges...

but, hey, fish went out and bought a handy new angle-measuring tool because of our mistake. 
shoddy corner-work won't happen again!

in the end, i LOVE the walls.
like, love-love.
...more wet paint smudges...

next saga in our story: the door ceiling! :)
update: see our progress on the ceiling!

* mari


  1. I love the walls - I'm always scared to do such a dark wall, but I'm actually going to paint a black accent wall in my living room this week! So excited!!

  2. That's lovely, crisp, and clean looking. A lot of work that has paid off big time.


  3. This is really wonderful. I love the walls ! I am sure this post is going to get a lot of leads. Good luck to you. Nice Share


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