Dec 6, 2014

tiny yarn hat ornaments

note: this is cross-posted from my shop blog, meandering mari. :)

this is part two in our quest for a Crafty Colorful Christmas. you can see the clay gingerbread men ornaments we made last week here.

when thinking about what else we could add to our tree this year, i immediately knew i wanted to incorporate yarn somehow. partly because of the color and texture it would add -- but mostly, because i have a ton of it for my weavings.

what could be cuter and cozier than tiny yarn hats?? done!

Dec 2, 2014

clay gingerbread men ornaments

note: this is cross-posted from my shop blog, meandering mari.

i love a homemade christmas. i'm into the not-quite-perfectly-decorated tree. i like when it's obvious that my children helped make ornaments. we'll have plenty of opportunity this year: instead of the yellow and white christmas of years past, K and i decided to make 2014 the year of the Crafty Colorful Christmas. 
...starting with these gingerbread men ornaments.

Nov 17, 2014

she's aliiiiive!

hi, friends! i apologize for the nearly five-month break from blogging. truth be told, not much has been going on around here house-wise. fish has been working crazy hours...and i've been concentrating on art. ART.

now that K is in preschool four days a week and H is on a reliable napping schedule, i've been able to fit in a lot of creative time for myself. i've been oil painting, watercolor painting, drawing, practicing calligraphy, weaving...

...and in the midst of doing all that, i decided to open a shop to sell my art. if you're curious, you can check it out at www.mariorr.com. there are originals, prints, textile art, and more.

i also decided to start a blog, documenting my artistic endeavors: meandering mari. i plan to continue documenting our home decor and improvement projects here, at crab+fish, while keeping my painting and shop news over on meandering mari. 

as for our house projects, we completed the powder room and i LOVE it. i still need to take photos of the finished room -- once i do, i'll post them here. over the winter, we don't have anything major planned. we do have some small projects on our list, like replacing the coat closet door and turning the sunroom closet into a built-in desk area.

thanks so much for sticking with us! i'll be back soon, but in the meantime, you can find me on instagram (@meandering_mari) and Facebook (Mari Orr Art)!

* mari

Jun 26, 2014

update: front room

over the past four or five months, we've added a few new elements to the front room. nothing deserving of its own post, but here's an update on how the room is coming along overall.

i'm trying to get to a place of less is more. i do love me some tchotchkes -- but i hate the overall cluttered feeling that happens with too much displayed. the house gets messy enough with a preschooler on the roam! ;)

Jun 19, 2014

powder room reno:
the ceiling and light for under $50

sigh. it seems like i vow to get back on a regular posting schedule every week and then...life happens. it's so hard to get back in the groove, but i'm trying. thanks for sticking with us! :)

so far in our powder room reno, i've covered the floor and the walls. now, for a long overdue update on the last surface: the ceiling. we managed to diy a plank ceiling and vintage-looking light fixture for less than $50!

Jun 7, 2014

garbage-picked planter boxes

i was on my way to drop off K at camp when i saw a pile of treasures on the curb, ripe for the taking. sure, it was no more than five or seven houses down from ours, but i have no shame when it comes to garbage-picking. we use our family calendar constantly and K's dump truck is still going strong!

i spotted two of these wood planter boxes and snatched them up.

Jun 2, 2014

powder room reno:
the walls

i know: this is the slowest bathroom renovation EVER. fish has actually been working really hard on it, but since his real job claims 65-80 of his hours every week, there's just not much time left over for house projects.

the last time i talked about the powder room, i was fawning over the gooorgeous hex tile floor fish laid. next step: the walls!

May 31, 2014

tell me what to buy

note: this post is NOT sponsored by lulu & georgia.

a few months ago, i won an instagram contest held by one of my favorite online retailers: lulu & georgia. actually, it was so many months ago that i don't even remember what picture i won for or why. eeps.

but! the most important and exciting part of winning was the prize: $100 credit at lulu & georgia to spend as i wish! happy dance!

i was saving the credit because we initially planned to spend it towards dining chairs or a dining room rug. once those were purchased elsewhere (see here and here), i still had the lulu & georgia credit hanging around.

sooo, i contemplated a couple of throw pillows for the ainslie sofa -- to integrate the purply-maroon color of the new dining room rug into the front room.

May 15, 2014

a handful of air plants

i posted this picture on instagram and a few people were interested in the hands the air plant was nestled in:

May 12, 2014

powder room reno:
the floor

why, hello, strangers! sorry we've been so absent from blogging lately. we're still trying to get used to being a family of four. it turns out our newest member isn't a big fan of sleep -- and i'm beat trying to keep up with him. meanwhile, fish is winning all the bread for our family and making sure K still gets plenty of attention.

in house news, our powder room renovation has finally started --
from the bottom up!

this renovation was meant to be a quick refresh, but it has turned into a full-blown "replace everything but the toilet" kind of situation.

Apr 24, 2014

vintage kilim dining room rug

well, the dining room is still a work in progress, but we finally chose a rug!

Apr 9, 2014

repotting cacti

this story starts with an empty bowl.

side note: i got this particular dish at goodwill for pennies. i love finding bowls, cups, and other random tableware to use as planters for cacti, succulents, and air plants.

Apr 5, 2014

uncommon goods:
astral wall hanging

i was so excited to have the opportunity to work with uncommon goods recently. if you're not familiar with them, they're an online marketplace offering a wide array of unique designs and handcrafted gifts, with categories spanning home and garden, dining, entertainment, art, and more. for a home decor junkie aficionado like myself, uncommon goods is one of the first places i browse when looking for a new piece for our home.

...and these astral wall hangings didn't disappoint!

Apr 2, 2014

darling magazine

have you heard of darling magazine? it's all about the art of being a woman -- and only the most gorgeous publication i've laid eyes on in my entire life.

Mar 29, 2014

bertoia-style side chairs
in the dining room

i had high hopes when our new chairs arrived for the dining room. 

i love the look of them, but...
well, keep reading.

Mar 21, 2014

hague blue in the dining room

hi friends! long time, no see. we're twelve weeks in with the little one and he loooves waking me up at night. despite my lack of sleep, i decided to take an afternoon and paint the dining room. because...why not?

Mar 6, 2014

lillangen laundry ikea (quasi)hack

the last time we talked, i revealed the meager beginnings of a basement playroom...and mentioned i'd come back to talk about a mystery cabinet along the south wall:

Feb 28, 2014

playroom progress

playroom?? say what?

even though it has seemed quiet on the blogfront, we fish has been busy behind the scenes whipping our basement into shape. after he finished laying laminate flooring, we made the executive decision to turn the previously useless lobby area into a playroom for our boys.

Feb 8, 2014

the new sofa has arrived!

our new west elm ainslie sofa is finally here...and we love it!
it was actually delivered a couple weeks ago, but i'm just now getting around to writing about it. try to ignore the pack-and-play in the background (new baby, remember?)...and the sad-sack pillows. this is real life.

Feb 1, 2014

progress in the basement:
laying laminate over vinyl flooring

we bought laminate flooring for the basement waaaaaaaaay way way long ago -- even before we bought the vinyl flooring for the laundry room! it was something fish wanted to get done asap, but other projects kept taking precedence: yardwork, the deteriorating window header, the dining room table...not to mention fish's full-time job.

when we bought the laminate, we tried to match it as close as possible to the red oak hardwood in the rest of our house:

Jan 28, 2014

valentine's day projects

it's almost february and you know what that means:
house of cards season two valentine's day is around the corner!

this year, my hours are spent taking care of H, playing with K, or sleeping so i haven't had much time for DIYs...but here's a quick recap of last year's projects!

Jan 20, 2014

lovey-dovey DIY:
ballerina-inspired tutu valentines

<<< you can see a full list of my diy projects here! >>>

time : minutes
difficulty :  ☆ ☆ ☆ 
would i do it again? : yep!

Jan 9, 2014

DIY: gilded clay family

<<< psst! you can see a full list of my diy projects here! >>>

time : minutes
difficulty  ★  ☆ ☆  
hazards : clay under my fingernails...
would i do it again? : yep!

Jan 4, 2014

the DIY dining table is DONE

we can ooh and aah over baby H for days, but now it's time for you to meet fish's other baby: the DIY farmhouse dining table he worked so hard on! 
fish did an AMAZING job building it.

what was our path to this glorious piece of furniture?
read on.........

Jan 2, 2014

goals for 2014

happy new year!!

we've welcomed our little munchkin into the world -- and i'm in a totally polar opposite frame of mind than last year. last january was about organizing and participating in apartment therapy's january cure (you can read about my progress here, here, here, and here).

this january we're all about survival.

...but one thing i did find extremely useful last year was making a list of home improvement-related goals for 2013. it helped us focus our energies on projects we felt added value to our house or just plain made us happier.

Jan 1, 2014

he's here, he's here!

our beautiful baby son was born last week!

though there are quite a few projects we have in mind for our home (more on that tomorrow), i'm not sure when we'll be back to regular posting...but i hope you'll stick with us! :)

if you find you're going through withdrawals without us, i'll still be pic-spamming regularly on instagram (@meandering_mari). ;)

happy new year!

* mari