Jan 24, 2013

new kitchen light

 remember the not-at-all-our-style light hanging over our kitchen sink?

there's nothing wrong with it...but it's not us at all.
and the mess of wires at the top bothers me.
and it's a bugcatcher. BLECH.

i've been sporadically searching for a new fixture to replace it with, but nothing ever jumped out at me. i was nearly at a state of complete apathy about the whole kitchen lighting situation when...

i was browsing land of nod for a bedside lamp and this beauty jumped out at me:

Jan 22, 2013

fresh flowers

it's flower time again!
a trip to my local florist this past weekend resulted in these cheerful bunches:

the green trick dianthus caught my eye immediately. i loved their wispy texture and bright, cheery color! i wish i would have bought more than one stem, but they were more expensive than i thought they'd be so i only came home with one. nothing crazy...but they look like dollar-a-stems to me and were actually $3 or something like that.

Jan 20, 2013

january cure update II

i have to admit this was a semi-easy week for me with regards to january cure.
   mostly because i skipped a bunch of stuff.

but, don't worry -- i still got a lot done.
so i don't consider myself fallen off the wagon just yet...

Jan 19, 2013

silver lake is in the hoooouuuuse!

we've come a long way in a short time since buying our new sectional. in real time, about two days passed between deciding to repaint the sunroom and THIS:
in blog-time, it spanned a week or two...writing posts is a lot of work!

Jan 16, 2013

fifty shades of gray

after deciding i needed to paint the sunroom gray, i stopped by benjamin moore and picked up just about every gray swatch they had.

it's very easy to get overwhelmed by all the paint options, but i tried to go about it very methodically.

Jan 13, 2013


i snagged these adorable vintage ceramic letter tacks on etsy:

they're only a couple of inches high!

usually when i purchase decor items, i don't have a specific place in mind for them. i tend to try them out in a few different places, see what i like best, and leave it there for a few weeks...until i get bored and switch up all the accessories all over again. move a pot here, relocate a statue there, switch out this frame, replace that stack of books, etc, etc.

but, with these little letters, i knew immediately where i'd be putting them:

Jan 12, 2013

butterflies in the bathroom!

i ordered these adhesive-backed butterflies from {heidi's hubbub} on etsy a few weeks ago and when i bought them, i could not wait to put some flutteries on the wall!

K got sick.
then it was christmas.
then i got sick.

...and the butterflies somehow fell to the backburner.

but, it's finally time to get these butterflies up!

Jan 10, 2013

january cure update

sure, it's still early yet, but i'm giving myself a pat on the back for sticking to apartment therapy's january cure program so far. warning: i could fall off the wagon at any time and without advanced notice!

in addition to completing daily assignments like buying fresh flowers and visualizing room plans, i'm slowly getting through the january cure goals i set for myself! ...and fish has been helping too!

Jan 8, 2013

i'm crazy and i know it.
(( RE-painting the sunroom ))

so...you know how i love pinky-peach? i love it so much, i colored my blog with it. i buy pinky-peach art, clothes, jewelry, makeup. i even decided the sunroom should be pinky-peach.


i still love pinky-peach.
but it turns out pinky-peach does not mesh so well with our new sectional.

Jan 6, 2013

my inspiration
...and a free printable for you!

i love making art for our home...and that includes typographic designs like this PARFAIT print i made:

i say it often enough that i wanted some kind of print incorporating the word. and since i wanted to be cheap about it, i made it myself then printed it poster-sized to my local walgreens for around ten dollars. it would have been a completely free project had i printed it at home on a smaller piece of paper -- but i wanted it to be bigger than 8x10". i don't obnoxiously exclaim "parfait!" all day long...but if i were ever to be on a reality show, it would probably be my catchphrase. 

i figured someone else in the world might like it too so read on for a link to download and print it yourself!

Jan 5, 2013

fresh flowers

psst! you can read about me deciding to join the january cure here!

i was very excited about one of this weekend's assignments for apartment therapy's january cure: buy flowers. 

i've always wanted to be the kind of person that brings home fresh flowers from the market, but i've never followed through. why?? it just always seemed like a waste of money when it came down to it -- buying stems that would be tossed in a few days time. i'd rather buy potted plants...that would hypothetically last under anyone else's care but mine.

Jan 4, 2013

organizing K's toys...
and the january cure

i'm on an organization MISSON...in january...along with the rest of the world.
i feel like the most predictable person on the planet.

can i help it? every ad i see or hear is shoving fifty-gallon totes down my throat. and i am WAY susceptible to advertising. of course i want to organize.

so i broke out the label-maker and ((more)) shoebox bins...
and started with K's toys.


Jan 2, 2013

how to: google search by image

let's start the year off with a simple how-to.

google search by image is something i use quite often -- usually when i want to find an original source...but also if i like the vibe of a picture and want to see if it came from a blog that i can follow. or an etsy shop i can favorite.

it's sadly common ((and frustrating!)) to be inspired by a picture on pinterest and follow a trail of links, but not be able to find where it originally came from.
   maybe you want to diy the project and are looking for instructions...
   or purchase the item and you're looking for pricing info...
   or travel to the destination and you want to know where in the world it is!

time to learn: