Nov 30, 2012

christmas garland, part 1.
making the poms.

i've mentioned briefly that i want to do a very simple and homemade celebration for our first christmas in this house. i'm trying very hard not to go buck-wild buying every sparkly thing i see.
   ...it's been hard, guys.

but...theoretically...i don't just want to go out a buy a houseful of decorations. i want our collection to grow and evolve over time. i want special ornaments that have meaning. i want to look back and associate heartwarming stories with them.

...like that one year i spent days and days furiously making a gazillion bajillion fuzzy pom-poms for a christmas tree garland:

see how i made all these bad boys after the jump!

Nov 28, 2012

putting the tree up

it's officially christmas season, right??

time for a giant mug of piping hot, extra-rich hot cocoa!

time for heartwarming christmas movies that teach important life lessons!

time for the {straight no chaser} holiday album on repeat for a month straight! 
okay, i lied. i've been listening to their holiday album since two weeks ago.
time for christmas cards!
i haven't started yet!

we need to get the tree up STAT.

Nov 25, 2012

glistening HO! HO! HO!

<<< psst! you can see a full list of my diy projects here! >>>

time : minutes
difficulty : ★   ☆ ☆
would i do it again? : yes!

Nov 23, 2012

glittery patchwork tree

<<< psst! you can see a full list of my diy projects here! >>>

time minutes...hours
difficulty : ★   ☆ ☆
hazards : glitter infestation, hot glue gun burns
would i do it again? : yes!

Nov 21, 2012

a new shed. part one.

this is the small metal shed that came with our house.
((previous owner's stuff))

it was barely serviceable. the concrete pad under the shed is level, but for some reason, there were rocks and planks of wood shoved underneath the structure, propping up one side and making it uneven. also, it was rusty. the door wouldn't close.
   ...and it was ugly.

we dealt with it allll summer. but, with winter coming, we wanted fish to be able to park in the garage -- this meant we needed a usable shed to move all of the tools, strollers, and toys that were currently occupying fish's rightful carspace.

Nov 19, 2012

gilded nightstand

update: AAAGGH! my gilded nightstand was featured on an hgtv #lovehome commercial! it started airing in march 2013. see it here:

i know.

what IS it with me and gold???

i have wanted a gold-leafed bedside table for a while now. i was inspired by this beauty at urban outfitters...and i realized the old nightstand from my childhood -- that i already have -- has a verrry similar shape.
   don't ask how long it took me to realize that.

Nov 18, 2012

the wonder of cardboard...

we recently acquired a large piece of cardboard packaging that fish was *thisclose* to throwing away. 

i'm sure he's sick and tired of me saving every. single. piece. of cardboard with even the slightest chance of being used in craft or playtime activities.  in other words, i'm sure he's sick of me saving EVERYTHING.

but, i'm extra-glad i saved this piece because...

Nov 17, 2012

gilded owl

itching for a quick project with a big payoff?

find your closest dollar store and pick one or two or ten of these guys up.

see what i did to him and how he turned out after the jump!

Nov 15, 2012

festive glass block nightlight

<<< psst! you can see a full list of my diy projects here! >>>

time : minutes
difficulty : ★   ☆ ☆
would i do it again? : yes!

Nov 13, 2012

salvaged markerboard becomes
family calendar

i was on my way to pick up K from preschool when something on the side of the road caught my eye...a mini van cozy coupe! ripe for the taking!
...but look closer!

see what else was in that pile??

Nov 11, 2012

convert any light to a
pull-chain fixture

fish leaves for work before the crack of dawn...so i don't even want to think about what time he wakes up. whatever the hour, it's pitch black outside. even after daylight savings time.
   so...he definitely needed a light by the master closet.
we still have a LOT of work to do in this room...

Nov 10, 2012

miniDIY: newborn tutu

<<< psst! you can see a full list of my diy projects here! >>>

time minutes...hours
difficulty : ★  ☆ ☆ ☆
hazards : your heart will ache for a little girl
would i do it again? : absolutely!

Nov 8, 2012

{crab+fish} is on instagram!

i'm just a little bit of a picture fanatic...and with the debut of instagram's online profiles, you don't even have to own a smartphone to keep up with all my camera craziness!

check us out here and you can see sneak peeks of upcoming posts...
see, instagram followers know i've already started my christmas crafting!

Nov 7, 2012

DIY: gilded moose
(aka lucy-moosey gets a makeover)

<<< psst! you can see a full list of my diy projects here! >>>

time : minutes
difficulty  ★  ☆ ☆  
hazards : fumes, liquid leaf addiction
would i do it again? : yes

Nov 4, 2012


i was not excited about new windows. i knew we needed them. i knew they would greatly improve the curb appeal of our house. but...it's not like buying...a sofa. or an art piece. i didn't get that fluttery anticipatory feeling in pit of my stomach.

a window is a window is a window.

i am IN. LOVE.

see more before and after pictures after the jump!

Nov 3, 2012

sunroom closet curtain

when we first moved in, we immediately removed the bifold doors from the closet in the sunroom.
...i know...

closet in the sunroom??

we didn't see a real need for storage in this particular area of the house and planned on turning the closet into a homework-slash-laptop station...in seventeen years when we've finished everything else on our project list.

for now, i must admit it IS pretty handy for corralling K's toys -- seriously, they must be multiplying overnight. but, they're not really hidden away unless there are closet doors...orrrrr...

...how about a curtain panel??
don't worry -- it hasn't been hemmed or ironed yet in this pic!

Nov 1, 2012

october in review

october was a WHIRLWIND of ghosts and mummies and pumpkins, oh my! but, there were a few other things we managed to squeeze in as well...

the big news of the month was that fish finished building K's bed!

see what else we did this month after the jump!